Why scheduling your family session is important! (Remember…It’s more than just a picture)

Last year I had the pleasure of taking photos for a beautiful family. I didn’t know their story and they didn’t pay for my services….yes it was a FREE session.You see, my lovely friends over at Live Free Chiropractic did an amazing giveaway in 2016. Each week on Tuesday they had great prizes during December to give back. They did a Trivia game where their clients were able to answer questions and get entered to win. On Tuesdays they drew a name for a winner of all types of great prizes including but not limited to my services…. a FREE family photo session. Just in time for Christmas none the less.

May I introduce the Perez Family….. Party of 6


This has to be one of my favorite shots because it was two hearts that melted together to create this family! Mom and Dad often get lost in the mix of fulfilling and supporting their children in everything they do. I always like to take time for the parents to reconnect because they are important too and sometimes need to be reminded.

Once you are parents, your marriage, matters more not less. Because now other people are counting on you. 


What a sweet family they are, The Perez’s. We had so much fun walking around the New Hanover County Arboretum taking pictures. They were fun, care free and full of life. It may sound biased but I adore the spirit that little boys hold with their energy and spunk and do not get to photograph them near enough. Now, the girls on the other hand, were quiet and caring which made for the perfect family blend.

I hope that when families look back at their “Sessions” they had they don’t just think about the weather, what they wore or even the cost but instead can think of the moments we shared. We created memories that will be captured for a lifetime and shared for generations to come. This session, just like them all, are about creating a time capsule. This time capsule helps bring you back to a place in time much like a song. I pray that we as parents can learn to honor yourself and your family by making time to capture your memories. Unfortunately for some you never know when it may be the last opportunity.

“Ain’t if funny how a melody can bring back a memory. Take you to a another place in time. Completely change your state of mind.”  Clint Black

Thank you Brad and Becky Walter for introducing me to this sweet family and being so great to your clients. They are lucky to have you!

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