Rushing to the hospital…. a Day to remember forever!

I will forever cherish this day as it can not be forgotten….

I was for the first time in my personal business career “ON CALL” . I got a phone call from Tommy telling me it was time. The funny thing is I had not even meet him yet. I had spoken with Jenn many times, had lunch, and gotten to know her. That’s what you do when you will share in one of the most amazing miracles God has ever given us…Birth. Creating a life inside you and from you.


I rushed to the hospital and was panicking as I thought I may not make it in time. Tommy said she was starting to push and I was getting no response as I am sure he was tending to helping momma. I was scared I would get pulled but just thought if one tries I will just keep going right? Well, I made it there safe and sound. Now to wait to be passed through to the birthing room which I am sure only took 5 minutes, but to me it felt like an hour. I walked into the room threw my bag down and got to work! Wow, this was REALLY HAPPENING and I was there to WITNESS IT!!!!!!!!! Mom was so busy pushing that it was in this moment after Brayden was laid on her chest that she noticed I was even there.


I know that these pictures will forever be cherished but I am not sure this family, this woman who trusted me can ever know how honored I am. To have been trusted to share this moment with such intimacy and love. It was amazing to not only see but feel the love between Tommy and Jenn and to see their family complete with his arrival.

I was there to witness his first breath, first kiss, his first bath, his first letter to dad, his first blessing and so much more. Happy birthday sweet boy! I hope to always be a part of your life and watch you grow as well as your amazing family. Your daddy sacrifices so much for your family as well as this country. Be blessed go in love and I can not wait to do your 1 YEAR pictures this weekend. Sending you my love and birthday wishes today.

P.S. I cried several times through writing this so excuse me if it is not grammatically correct because it came from my heart.

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  1. This letter, means more to me then anything in my life! This woman right here holds my heart and doesn’t even know it! She gave me moments in time that no one will ever be able to do! She captured my 1st born son, the precious life that I begged God for year after year. She got it, his first breath of air, first cry, first nursing session, and above all his first MEMORIES! No one can take them away! She captured something so intimate and so personal and that memory my friends, will always be in my heart! She is more then a Photographier to me, but to me, family! Once in a life time God sends people in your life, they come in for a reason and they come in with true passion! This blog has just made my entire year!! I could never thank you enough Courtney! You are amazing inside and out! God has such big plans for you!!!

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