How to be the Master of your own time through Organization Part 1

As some of you know I am Courtney Winter and I own P3 Picture Perfect Planning. I started this business as a single mom in 2011. Currently I am a mom, wife, President of my children’s FSA (same thing as PTA), an avid runner who currently gets in 100 miles a month, I just did my first marathon, coach my girls running team, help my friends, have three girls that attend three different schools (two that have to be driven to school), give my clients 150%, volunteer in my community, and much more. Unfortunately my husband is a truck driver and is gone a lot, but he is amazing and supports us in every way he can. Why do I tell you all of this? I promise it is not to toot my own horn, although I give myself a huge pat on the back. It is to prove that through planning, oraganization, hardwork, and commitment you can not only achieve your goals but succeed at them too!

Everything gets put in my calendar for all my family members, work, races, and even family time. I keep it organized by color coding everything. Every person and task has it’s own color so that at a glance I can easily see what we have coming up. I am a fantastic planner and can properly execute what could be the most stressful day to others with ease. Here are a few basic tips to get you started. These tips can help you in your life, home, and business no matter what you do.

1. Write a to list daily or weekly

2. Use a calendar

3. Prioritze and give tasks deadlines whether daily, weekly, or monthly to help fulfill a sense of accomplishment.

4. Communicate with family and team members so everyone understands the projects, deadlines, and to do lists. Perhaps you could send weekly emails to keep your team posted.

5. Create a schedule to help keep you on task each day. Take 20 minutes at the start of everyday to do this. When you know what to expect with each day you can better allocate time to certain tasks.

Some of you may have difficulty or think that you have this mastered but we all falter. I am a fantastic planner but made the mistake last month of not writing down my runs to get in my 100 miles and guess what… I failed!! This is my first time in a while that I am running just to run since I do not have a race till November, so I thought no biggie. See when you are training for a race you have a schedule that you stick to to help facilitate a great run. Right now the miles are just a personal goal to stay in shape. I only got in 50 miles last month and was very disappointed in myself. Needless to say my running schedule is written down now 🙂 Happy planning and stay tuned for : How to be the master of your own time Part 2

Plan ahead…. don’t let time blow by

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