Chabby Chic Window Picture (How to…)

My husband and I took a cruise back in 2011 and it was amazing. One of my favorite days was St.Thomas Virgin Islands, mostly because I had dreamed of going there since I was a little girl. My father use to travel there a lot and I was in love with the photos and presents he would bring back for me.  Not only did I finally get to see the place I had dreamed of but it was also my birthday! We sat on the deck eating our breakfast when all of the sudden a rainbow appeared, thus an amazing photo one would only dream of getting… the USVI…St Thomas 2011 018 bwc

I had this picture printed in an 16×20 size and didn’t know what I would do with it until I came across some old window frames. So I decided to create some art for our home.


Start with your frame outside and wear a mask so that you do not inhale old paint. Use sand paper and even a dremel to get in the smaller locations. This will help get all the rough edges and peeling paint off. ( I left some for the rustic affect)

IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3491

Once the area is clean to your liking measure out your picture to ensure that once you cut it it is centered in the window.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493Once you cut picture make sure surface is clean and ready to start gluing with Modge Podge. I did this by using windex and a newspaper to clean the glass. IMG_3494

Coat the glass with Modge Podge and then lay the picture in place and cover completely with Modge Podge again. Your picture will be lovely, protected, and ready for display in no time!

IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3498

Finished Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used this for a display at a wedding show I did to show off my photography but now it sits in our dining room for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more pinterest How to’s !!! Happy Crafting

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