Piece of Advice……..

I have been planning events for the past 13 years as once I  became a mother for the first time my OBSESSION began…….

I have helped plan every one of my friends weddings, I go overboard with my children’s parties but I know that they will always remember them and the memories they bring. As the wedding planner I do my best to keep brides, grooms, and friends in one mode especially with today’s technology it can be very hard. There are so many amazing ideas out there to be found. For some people it can be overwhelming so my job is to help pull it in and stay focused on the true vision. My most important job is to help my clients save money!

With that being said now that I am the bride I want to do anything and everything!!! So excited and can’t wait to marry my fiance’. He is my best friend and I can not wait to become Mrs. Winter. I just finished our invitations and only spent $1.68 per invitation and that INCLUDES postage for mailings and RSVP’s to come back!!! WOW right?? (Blog coming soon) I find new ideas everyday but have to remind myself that I already had a vision and while it is great it’s not the one.

My best advice for anyone planning is to plan in advance. I don’t mean start planning a year out I simply mean think about things you can and will use for future events and purchase them on sale or hunt around for a bargain. Never settle on the first thing you find because chances are it’s not the cheapest! If you can DIY DO IT, if you can’t DON’T! Ask your friends to help as much as they can but don’t stress them out. Delegate responsibilities to multiple people well in advance so they don’t feel rushed and make your vision clear so they know exactly what you want. Everything is cheaper if you do it yourself but the last thing you want is everyone walking away from your wedding saying….

“Thank you God that’s over!”

So ORDER items that you can afford, SKIP on ones you DON’T have to have, and ask those you love to help on the pieces you TRULY ADORE!


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