Making BIGGER Plans for 2013!!!

I haven’t blogged in a while. It is so hard to find the time, but anyways here it goes for this month!…..

As I look back on 2012 and move forward to 2013 I have been SO blessed to work with and for so many amazing people, non-for-profits, and organizations. I am honored more than you will ever know to think that my services have helped to raise money for causes I stand 100% behind. Just to name a few (because I want to give a shout out!);

Love is Bald

Pretty in Pink

Pleasure Island Day of Hope

Alzehiemers NC

St. Baldrick’s

Boardwalk Makeover Group

I thank you all for allowing P3 to be a part and honored to help in any way I possibly can. Thus being said I am looking forward to some new events already in place for 2013! All in all P3 has helped to raise over $1,100.00 this year alone with face painting and YOUR generous donations! My challenge is to raise the bar for 2013 and DOUBLE IT!!!

With all this said I ask what are your plans for 2013? What will you give back? Who will you help? Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to help those in need…I challenge you!

From Ours to Yours we wish you a Merry Christmas!

<3 <3 <3


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