Life Lessons

I am a little emotional tonight after watching Parenthood…..yes I said Parenthood! One mother is going through Breast Cancer and it is very heart wrenching to me. I have cried at the last four episodes! I don’t normally go on a tangent or get emotional but I feel the need…My mother has had breast cancer multiple times, and my father has cancer and I am so scared everyday that I may loss him……


My post earlier today was daring for you all to go to another place, help someone else in need, be someone’s support system….I am not only daring you, asking you, but begging you. When will you need that help in return? When will someone you love need that shoulder to cry on? Not all of us have a close tight family! So be there for someone in need. I want to do something for someone else this Christmas….can anyone help me come up with some ideas? Let’s do it…let’s get together and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Caroling at the Hospital on Christmas Eve? Bringing cookies to the Nursing home? Visiting an orphanage? I am overwhelmed and moved beyond belief so what can we do friends?


I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Leave your suggests our comments and let’s do something amazing !!!


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