From plain chairs to extraordinary bench

I ADORE home projects and repurposing things that some would otherwise throw away! I have had these chairs for 7 years and got them from a family friend who had them for 5 years prior. They are not antiques, but they are sturdy reliable but worn chairs…so I decided to repurpose them. Not only does this make them look unique and beautiful, but it added extra seating space!!!

Here they are in the beginning…


I pulled each cushion off, pulled off the sliders on the feet (to replace them with new ones). I had pallets sitting around and cut the boards off and measured them perfectly. I cut each board to cover the entire area. This was my FIRST time using the table saw thanks to some help from my brother. The pieces don’t match perfect in color but that is part of the beauty. Not to mention the stain will blend them more. I nailed the boards down and then inset them into the wood. I had to use a planer and belt sander to get the boards smooth and even. ( That took a while and super important that you inset them so you do not damage your tools while smoothing.) Make sure to clean the surface after sanding and then begin staining!


Follow directions on stain. Make sure to get a nice coat on all the wood without saturating it too much. ( As you can see we cut the backs down, which was a last minute decision, but I thought it would fit better under the table.)


Once your stain dries you can seal it!!! I used Polyurethane and did two coats, but you can use your discretion as to how think you want it. Now I have a NEW beauty and a conversational piece!!

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