Wizard of Oz Wedding Part 1 and my UNIQUE Decoupaged Shoes

So many of you know that I got married at the Land of Oz last September!! It rained, and was magical! One of the best weddings ever if you ask me! I adore my husband and even more greatly appreciate that something that is so dear to my life, my family, and my children he has been able to enjoy with us. See, when we first started dating I asked him to be the Lion for us for Halloween. He thought I was crazy but I told him that people would love it and would even stop us for pictures. He was amazed but I was right and so the stories begins. I share with you this personal story because I handmade everything for our wedding and I wanted to be able to share my ideas as well as inspire you!!!



                                                    Our family trip to Disney for Halloween 2012


I knew once we were engaged where I wanted to get married and exactly what I wanted to do… being an event planner helped tremendously!! ( BUT I still hired a day of coordinator 😉 )  I started on all my little details and I made everything from paper flowers out of pages of the Wizard of Oz books to hand sewing ruby red slippers and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN so stay tuned for more!

I purchased a pair of slick cream colored shoes from Shoe Show.. they were ONLY $16. It is very important that the material be slick for the Mod Podge to adhere to trust me I made this mistake. Mod Podge can be found at local crafts stores and even Walmart. I began cutting out pictures, quotes, stickers, and even used teal tissue paper as it was our accent color. This was such a fun task that if you are in need of shoes and aren’t crafty I would love to help you! Give me your theme, colors, and send me your shoes 🙂 

1. Make sure area of shoes are very clean and I would highly suggest cutting out all pieces beforehand so that you can focus on gluing everything at one time.

2. Coat a small area of the shoe with Mod Podge then place your desired item on top and recoat same area with Mod Podge again. Continue this process until shoe is covered completely with both cut outs and Mod Podge. ( Don’t worry about cutting pieces into perfect shapes as the finished product looks better when pieces overlap each other) Be sure to let Mod Podge dry between coats as instructed on the bottle. Once it dries recoat the entire shoe. I suggest putting at least 3 coats and you do not have to wet sand as instructed on the bottle unless you prefer to.

Now you have amazing shoes that are ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!!!!! 🙂





Notice the yellow brick road has our wedding date. I also cut hearts out of tissue paper, and I especially loved our names and “I DO” on the back of the shoes. Stay tuned because there is more Wizard of Oz Wedding DIY to come….

The flower girl shoes, handmade bouquets and boutonnieres with paper flowers, hand sewn ruby red slippers, signs, lollipops, and more!!!  




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