The Magic and Wonders of Face Painting!!!

Have you ever seen a child’s eyes light up with magical amazement, wonder, and beauty? I have…..

I have been volunteering to face paint down at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk for years now and never will get tired of the wonders that it brings to a child’s face. I have been hired for multiple birthday parties, events, fairs, and done more volunteering. Pick your perfect situation of a little girl Sarah coming along and sitting down at the chair in front you to ask you to paint a magical fairy. I look at her cute little face and can not let her down. Internally I am thinking that I have never painted a fairy before can I do this?I can’t even draw people very well….but I can NOT look into her eyes and disappoint nor tell her I can’t do it so I try…..

I start to paint and let the magic unfold. The fairy looks amazing!! I am loving it..Turquoise wings….skirt..ballet shoes…brown hair tied up in a bun…..then I have to start adding some of the facial details. Remember I can’t draw people, and I am beginning to not like her..oh no what do I do? People watching, taking pictures. I add some sparkles and glitter because what girl can’t resist those? I reach for my mirror and pull it up so that she can see her reflection and her little fairy. She SQUEALS with excitement and I feel so fantastic!! She loves it! My weird, unusual little fairy. SHE LOVES IT!!! Thank you Sarah!

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