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How to make hanging flower balls for any occasion

I had a wedding that I was planning where the bride and groom were laid back and wanted simple decorations for an outside gazebo where they would hold the ceremony. (Trust me when I say the area was beautiful enough they needed minimal decor.) I came up with these….


I purchased 2 different size balls and scrap pieces of burlap we used to wrap the mason jars for the centerpieces. The bride also had fake flowers for part of her bouquet so I incorporated those as well. I started off by heating up my glue gun and getting all supplies on hand and even prepulled flowers off of the stems and precut burlap. All supplies are ready to be glued.

Start by adding a line of glue and wrapping base ribbon around to which you will hang the ball. ( You can also choose to leave this step off if will use the balls on a table, or you could tie it in a bow)


Make sure to wrap the base ribbon in a straight line all the way around the ball leaving at least a foot on either side for hanging.


Next wrap the ball with the burlap for a base color. I used both teal and natural to add texture and color.

IMG_7271 IMG_7279 IMG_7272

The hot glue dries very fast and makes this craft simple and easy to complete in no time at all. Next step is to add flowers in an assortment. I choose to not cover the ball entirely to expose the burlap. Add as many or as little as you want 🙂

IMG_7275 IMG_7283 (2)

Also remember you can use these for aisle runners to hang from chairs, centerpieces, decor over a buffet or dessert table and so much more! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Courtney

Easy to make Party/Wedding Decor for Centerpieces

I know that we have lots of DIY people out there and I wanted to share this awesome idea I had to transform your jelly jars, spaghetti sauce containers, pickle jars , salsa containers and more!!!

Take ANY jars you have around the house instead of recycling them you are UPCYCLING——-thus making them FREE!!!!


Once you have the containers you would like to use begin by soaking them in hot water. This will help remove any and all labels (with a little elbow grease on some) so that you have a clean jar in unique shapes and sizes to work with!


Next you will need ribbon of your choosing to match with color scheme for party. I am making my jars for a 25th Surprise Party so I wanted some bright colors to really help it pop and sparkle. I bought this ribbon for $4.49 a roll for wide and $2.49 a roll for slim at AC Moore. Have all supplies in one area and ready for easy access; Hot glue gun, extra glue sticks, scissors, ribbon, and any embellishments 🙂



Next step is to let your hot glue gun warm up….I really got creative with my glue gun. Check out my tray to catch any spilled glue….Salsa lid!Image

Once the glue gun is warmed up measure and cut your ribbon and since every jar is different I simply went jar by jar to be quicker. Cut your ribbon so that the ends meet perfectly with no overlay this will ensure a smooth feel for ribbon. Image

Next to start gluing!!! Place a strip of glue where ribbon will meet and adhere.Image

You can add more embellishments if you wish. I choose to keep the jars for the table simple but did add more to the large vase for more of an impression.


Here is the vase I made


Hope you enjoy! You can place this on a table, charger, or mirrored tray for different effects and looks! Total cost for project $ 15.00 and I made 23 jars with ribbon left over for more!! CHEAP and BEAUTIFUL




Do’s and Don’ts for DIY Weddings

I wanted to write this as this subject has been heavy on my heart especially during the planning process and so many brides wanting to DIY. Please be careful with DIY!!! I know its a money saver but just a few things to keep in mind….

The final days before your wedding can be extremely hectic. So first rule of thumb is if you can not do the task months before your wedding, let a professional do it! All the better reason to hire a Day of Coordinator or Wedding Planner. Remember there are last minute errands to run, seating charts to finalize, rehearsal dinner, placement of wedding party, and the list goes on.

Some great DIY options could include but are not limited to invitations, decor items, and favors. These are great options as they can be done far in advance by yourself or with the help of others. You can line envelopes with colored paper to dress them up, fold a thousand paper cranes for decorations, make flower balls to hang from the ceiling, or paint paper boxes to fill with candy as your favors. 

Please remember to leave some things to the professionals such as photography, food, and flowers. I am sure that some of you are saying I can lay flowers on a table why pay someone else to do this? I know that this sounds like a great idea to be able to save money, however the day of your wedding the last thing you should be worried about is what your tables will look like or stressing yourself out trying to oversee this time consuming task. You need to be getting prepared and beautiful!

Brides & Grooms please keep in mind that your photographer to me is the MOST IMPORTANT decision you will make in your wedding planning process because he/she will capture your day so that you can cherish it for the rest of your lives, look back show your kids, share with your loved ones for years to come. You don’t want to be unhappy with the outcome, and there is no reenacting the scene or second takes!!

Make your decisions wisely, remember that weddings are not cheap, but it is a wonderful day of joining in a unity to cherish for the rest of your lives. Make your ONE DAY COUNT!!