Be careful of the should have’s after your wedding….

I have many brides and even mother’s of the bride approach me afterwards proclaiming they wished they had hired me! Some of them for the same reasons and others are different but among them I hear….

  1. My photographer didn’t capture my day the way I wanted so it broke my heart!
  2. I hired a big name photographer in town and he sent his assistant which was so disappointing!
  3. My mother’s aunt said she would coordinate everything the day of, but it was a disaster!
  4. My wedding planner sent their assistant whom I had never even meet so I felt uncomfortable!

Do you want to be broken hearted, disappointed, uncomfortable, or have things turn out disastrous? I don’t want you to either and to be honest there are SO MANY AMAZING vendors to choose from. So I am NOT professing that you have to hire me but here are a list of questions to get you started on choosing the CORRECT vendor…

  1. If I hire you will you be the one to show up the day of?
  2. If I am paying for your name, but you plan on sending an assistant ask for their experience, and set up an interview with them before signing a contract.
  3. How long have you been in businesss?
  4. How many clients do you take on in a typical busy weekend?
  5. Are we required to book only recommended vendors?

Questions to ask yourself after your interview…

  1. Did we feel heard?
  2. Did the planner see our vision or have input?
  3. Did the planner seem knowledgeable about local vendors?
  4. Did the photographer have the same style as you? Candid, commercial, or stylized for a few examples
  5. Did we connect on a personal level and feel like we can trust this vendor?

Please note that this is ONLY a small list to get you started on your journey. Here at P3 we do Event Planning, Face Painting, & Photography and are booking for 2016! Contact me with any other questions or concerns. or (910)688-3433

50th Wedding Celebration 2011
50th Wedding Celebration 2011

Also I wanted to share this guide which goes more into detail with lots of great questions for you to ask. Good luck and Happy Planning!!!!!!!!!!

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