A moment that can not be edited … Capturing love <3

I write this blog because as I am sure you can guess my fees, process, and lack of editing are often questioned by others in my field…

When a client calls me up or asks for my services in photography my first response is ” I would be honored, and please know that my photos are raw, unedited, and as I see them through my lens!” Why? Because I believe that a moment can not be edited in but captured. For some clients they are immediately uninterested, which is fine, and for others their ears perk up. I have talked to other professionals that tell me I don’t value myself enough by offering cheaper prices, and some say I will never make it anywhere by undercutting them. Well, none of these are my intents!!!

As some of you may know from following my blog or meeting me I was a single mother of three until last September when I married my best friend. I could never afford to pay someone $500 to capture my baby being born, a family reunion, or my child’s first birthday. Thus started my own love for the art. I have always loved photography and capturing moments with my girls that can NEVER be replaced. If my house was on fire and I could only grab one possession it would be my photos. Why? Because pictures take you back much like a song. You have everyday moments that should be cherished just as much as the large events in our lives. Sometimes as parents we throw that amazing birthday party and forget to charge our cameras..oops. Well in today’s society we rely on our phones for our pictures, but you can not print those pictures in good resolution to hang on your wall in your home. 


I will give you a perfect example; I was hired to face paint for a birthday party and was finished early. As I was packing up I overheard the mother, as well as one of her guests, say their cameras weren’t working. I had my camera in the car from a previous job so I offered to finish my last hour by snapping a few shots. I captured some amazing moments that no doubt would never have been seen. I was able to do this because I wasn’t running around putting out food, making sure everyone was okay, getting the cake ready, and so much more! 

I have photographed births, babies two days old, weddings, bridals, events, festivals, Family gatherings,, and birthdays to name a few. My process is to watch the way people interact and click when they aren’t expecting it. I went to a business function not long ago and we all were to stand up and tell about ourselves and our business. After I stood up another gentlemen described his photography plan. He ended his announcement with “Don’t hire me for your kids birthday party because I am too expensive.” I must tell you that it took everything I had to not say… “But hire me because I am not and would be honored to capture those moments of love.”  In business we all have our own vision, and in that our own responsibility to our clients. My responsibility is to help a mother remember the water gun fight of ’09 at their family reunion, or how she accidentally forgot the candle on her son’s 5th birthday and how nobody cared. I have learned that life is short and every moment should be honored, captured, and cherished for we never know when God takes us home and all we have are the photos.


 noun \fə-ˈtä-grə-fē\

: the art, process, or job of taking pictures with a camera



What does this photo say to you? Stay tuned for opinions, thoughts, and I have a story to share that you won’t want to miss. 🙂

How to Plan ahead for Parties and SAVE MONEY!!!

This may seem like an impossible feat but I PROMISE you it is not!!!!

Let me start on this note;

You know when your daughter will turn 5, at least I hope you do 😉

You know when your son will graduate, praise God!

You know if you are a football fan you will have a Superbowl Party, unless your team doesn’t make it :/

You know your best friend is having a baby and wanting you to plan her shower or maybe a reveal party, so much FUN!!

I won’t give you all of my tricks because I am available for hire but I do have a few tips to share. You may be asking yourself the question of how? How do I buy when I don’t know what the theme will be, the colors, or how many people? All very valid questions thus I give you


1. If you KNOW your daughter loves Princesses and while you are in the store you see party favors that have princesses on them for ONLY $.20.. BUY THEM!!! 

2. If you KNOW (Or anticipate) your son will graduate the year before hand then be on the lookout for the clearance goodies. You can find tons of things without dates. For example plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths. These tiny things add up and I have purchased them for as little as $.10 a package!!

3. If you KNOW that you LOVE football after Superbowl buy your favors for next years party! I went to a store and purchased 2 tablecloths, 4 packs of napkins, 20 party favors (koozies in the shape of a referee shirts SO CUTE!!), hanging footballs, and 100 plates for $2.90!!!! Wow right??

4. For the baby shower look outside the box…just because it’s a baby shower doesn’t mean your plates have to have a baby on them. At every store check for colored items to match your party such as candle holders, ribbons, chargers, quirky containers for silverware, and even try consignment stores for something out of the box.

My philosophy as a single mother for years was always to do the most with the least, because I had no other choice. Please keep in mind that a party doesn’t have to break the bank it’s the originality that stands out most. So buy your clearance goodies and contact me for your Day of Services whether it’s Planning, face Painting, or Photography!! 🙂


*Please note those awesome dress notepads w/ pen were purchased on clearance at $.50 originally $3 a piece. Other items such as rings, stickers, and swords (for the knights) were purchased in bulk at the $1 store. Entire place setting for each guest ONLY $3.25!

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